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Fresh Fruit Sales

Shaanxi Hengtong Agricultural Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd

The company owns green pollution-free fruit and vegetable planting bases cover ten thousands Chinese Mu. It has a CA cold storage with capacity of ten thousand tons. The company introduced French MAF fruit and vegetable photoelectric sorting line, equipped with large carton erector and other equipments. The annual production, storage, processing and sales of various fruits and vegetables reach 10,000 tons. The company strictly enforces international food safety standards in the whole industrial chains and devotes to build the brand of "D.Nature" with the main products of apple (variety: Fuji, Golden Delicious, Qinguan and Granny Smith), kiwi fruit, cherry, strawberry, persimmon etc. which picked from the most optimal fruit growing area in the northwest of China.

"D.Nature" brand adheres to the core concept of "Green. Safe. Delicious and natural", brings a new experience of "Pure healthy and enjoyable life” to customers.


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